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BIHURCRYSTAL was created for scientists by scientists. In collaboration with researchers from all around the world, we provide you with the latest materials and technologies.
Our company emerged as the result of our team’s many years’ experience in the fields of Surface Science, Ultra-high Vacuum and Space technologies.

Born in 2013 as a start-up project with the support of Centro de Física de Materiales (CFM) and Donostia International Physics Center (DIPC) of San Sebastián, Spain, the early stages of the project received guidance and financial support from BIC Berrilan through their program Entreprenari, which backs and guides emerging businesses. The entrepreneurial project BIHURCRYSTAL was awarded the 2012 Manuel Laborde and 2013 Toribio Etxeberria prizes.

Today BihurCrystal receives venture capital funding from BASQUE FCR (Gestión de Capital Riesgo del País Vasco) and Orza. It is financed in part by the provincial government of Gipuzkoa and the state-owned enterprise ENISA (Spanish Ministry of Industry, Energy and Tourism).

In 2016 BihurCrystal established its distribution network within Europe and opened a second headquarters in Madrid. The company branched out into two divisions: the materials branch, which, in addition to BihurCrystal’s hallmark curved crystals, expanded to include other exotic materials such topological insulators and graphene, and a UHV branch, dedicated to the design of UHV technologies, with a special focus on deposition systems.

BIHURCRYSTAL works in synergy with some of the most relevant industries in the province of Gipuzkoa. Together we work to apply the latest advanced manufacturing techniques to the development of products of the highest quality standard. We are committed to developing new markets of high added value in which the enormous potential of the region’s industrial actors can be exploited.

Scientific research is at the very core of BIHURCRYSTAL. We continuously collaborate with scientists all around the world in order to understand their needs and develop the best solutions together.

The team

ruben gonzalez

Rubén González

francisco lopez

Francisco López

tim doust

Tim Doust

frederik schiller

Frederik Schiller

Scientific Advisor
enrique ortega

Enrique Ortega

Scientific Advisor
jesus sobrado

Jesús Sobrado

Scientific Advisor

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Abatement & Vacuum Technology


Filgen, Inc.

Nanoscore GmbH


Universal Vacuum Technology, LLC

Pascal Technologies, Inc.

pascal technologies

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