BihurCrystal’s Materials Division offers a large selection of the newest and most interesting materials for scientific research.

Both internally and in collaboration with a large network of academic and industrial partners, we constantly seek out the most exciting materials and transform them into high quality samples ready to be used to explore new physics and chemistry or in new applications.

Your experiment is our priority. That is BihurCrystal’s philosophy. We are committed to providing you the fast and efficient support you need, both during the set-up and during your experiment, so you can make the most out of it.

We offer standard sizing at competitive pricing, and also provide fully customized solutions, both meeting the strictest quality standards. We include accurate characterization data with every sample.

Curved Single Crystals

Curved crystals can be thought of as “multi-vicinal” surfaces since they have a continuously varying step-periodicity. They are very useful for the study of properties that depend on terrace width (e.g. surface electron behavior, catalytic activity, molecular adsorption…). Since all surface orientations are available in one sample, experiments with multiple planar samples and vacuum cycles are replaced by a single one-sample, one-cycle experiment. Read more about our curved crystals here.

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Topological Insulators

This new kind of material is enabling a whole range of technologies of the future, from new sensors to spintronics and quantum computing. They are characterised by an insulating bulk, but also surface gapless (conducting) states protected by time-reversal symmetry protection, which prevents back-scattering on defects.

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Crystals for Photonics

Many important emerging technologies ultimately rely on mastering the interaction between light and matter. We provide several high quality crystalline materials for different applications, for nonlinear frequency conversion, scintillation or beam splitting in the IR range.

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Pristine Graphene

This material, a monolayer of carbon atoms arranged following a hexagonal pattern, displays exceptional mechanical and electronic properties that open the possibility of a myriad of applications. We provide pristine graphene grown on top of a SiC wafer, perfectly suitable as a basis for sensors or microelectronic devices. 

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III-V Semiconducting Wafers

III-V compound semiconductors show a direct bandgap and strong absoprtion/emission characteristics, making them excellent candidates for optoelectronic devices for a broad range of applications. These include optical fiber communication, visible LEDs/LDs, high efficiency solar cells, or solid state lighting systems. We will soon be offering a variety of III-V semiconducting wafers through our online store. Please contact us for more information.

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