In our portfolio we display the research in which our products have been used, ranging from basic surface science to catalysis.

Curved Single Crystals

Material Deposition Systems

ATP on Cu (110)

The role of adenosine triphosphate as energy carrier in metabolic processes in the cell has been widely studied in the life sciences. However, it is also of interest in the field of Astrobiology: ATP …

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Au Nanoparticles on Si

In the last decade, the use of nanoparticles has extended to different fields of research. Nanoparticles can be produced in many different ways, one of these being epitaxial growth in UHV. However, in…

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β-Carotene on Au(111)

The biomolecule β-Carotene, pictured on the left, is a hydrocarbon pigment abundant in plants and fruits, and the precursor to vitamin A. The ALI deposition system was tested with this molecule: a s…

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Carbon Nanotubes on Au(111)

Carbon nanotubes suspended in water were injected onto a Au(111) substrate using the ALI deposition system. The SEM and AFM images on the right show a zoom sequence into a microdroplet on the subs…

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CuPc on Ag(111)

The well-known and widely studied aromatic molecule CuPc was deposited from a DMSO (dimethyl sulfoxide) solution using ALI. The image on the left shows a submonolayer of CuPc on Ag(111) obtained af…

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