New BihurCrystal HQ

BihurCrystal S.L. was created under the guidance of BIC-Berrilan and with the support of the institutions from which the start-up emerged, the Centro de Física de Materiales (CFM, CSIC-UPV/EHU) and the Donostia International Physics Center. The business project took shape in BIC-Berrilan’s business center, located in the J. M. Korta building on the university campus, and the necessary technology was developed by BihurCrystal’s team at the CFM, in the frame of an industrial development project. BIC2Once defined and licensed this technology served as the foundation of the start-up company.
BihurCrystal’s growing need for a space in which to continue with the development of its products has finally led the company to leave the facilities where it was first conceived and to officially establish itself as a start-up at Miramón Technology Park. The building Kuatro, which hosts a number of other emerging businesses, offers BihurCrystal a perfect setting in which continue its development and begin the production process.
The new installations will soon host the curved crystal production line as well as the assembly and testing lines for the ALI system. The latter, which have been acquired with the support of the Provincial Government of Gipuzkoa, will allow expanding the product range of our ALI system and exploring new products to add to our line.
Here at BihurCrystal, we are excited for the new opportunities this new stage will bring, and would like to share this enthusiasm with our customers and collaborators.