PHORNANO products now available!

A variety of PHORNANO nanomaterials are now available at our webshop! Get your second item for half the price using coupon code 4n-GET-2*

* applicable to silver and gold nanospheres, valid until June 30, 2019


HighQuant silver nanoparticles · HighQuant silver nanoparticles are highly concentrated and higly monodispere particles, available in 10 or 20nm (other sizes upon request). They come in a highly concentrated acqueous suspension, free from agglomeration. What distinguishes HighQuant nanoparticles from conventional ones is their extraordinarily high localized surface plasmon resonance (LSPR) absorption intensity, combined with an extremely low level of residual Ag ions. These leftover building blocks from the manufacturing process can cause undesired effects in their respective applications. Thanks to their  ontrolled residual ion levels and high absorption, HighQuant nanoparticles present a safe, reliable and sensitive option for your experiment.


4nGOLD nanoparticles · Due to the quantum size and surface effect, noble metal (gold, silver) nanopaticles have properties not present in the bulk form, such as Local Surface Plasmon Resonance (LSPR), which results in enhanced absorption, high chemical stability, catalytic activity and nonlinear optical effects. These properties are crucial for applications in microelectronics, sensing, biomedical imaging and diagnostics at the cellular and molecular level as well as in therapy in pharmaceutical applications and cosmetics. Our gold nanoparticles are highly monodisperse and are provided in aqueous medium with a citrate stabilized surface to avoid agglomeration.


4nDOTS™ Fluorescent Nanoprobes are quantum-dots from semiconducting materials of a few nanometers in diameter (few tens of atoms). They have unique properties, intermediate between those of bulk materials and discrete atoms that are partly the result of their unusually high surface-to-volume ratios. The most striking feature is fluorescence, wherein the 4nDOTS™ can produce distinctive colors, determined by their size. Quantum dots present advantages with respect to protein based organic fluorophores, such as a broad excitation spectrum separate from the emission spectrum, and greatly reduced photobleaching, allowing multiplexed imaging and their use as markers over long periods.



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