4nDOTS by Phornano

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4nDOTS™ Fluorescent Nanoprobes are quantum-dots from semiconducting materials of a few nanometers in diameter (few tens of atoms). They have unique properties, intermediate between those of bulk materials and discrete atoms that are partly the result of their unusually high surface-to-volume ratios. The most striking feature is fluorescence, wherein the 4nDOTS™ can produce distinctive colors, determined by their size. Quantum dots present advantages with respect to protein based organic fluorophores, such as a broad excitation spectrum separate from the emission spectrum, and greatly reduced photobleaching, allowing multiplexed imaging and their use as markers over long periods. For more information please visit www.phornano.com/4ndots.

We can also provide custom 4nDOTS, with fluorescence anywhere between 540nm and 650nm. Contact us!

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