HighQuant Silver Nanoparticles by Phornano

90,00 700,00  VAT not incl.


Highly concentrated and higly monodispere particles, free from agglomeration. Available in 10 or 20nm (other sizes upon request).

SECURE – Toxicity of nanosilver is mainly mediated by the presence of residual free ions. HighQuant silver nanoparticles eliminate this adverse effect by a controlled and low level of FREE IONS.

SENSITIVE – Distinct strong Localized Surface Plasmon Resonance (LSPR) effect enables orders of magnitude improvement of the detection limit.

REPRODUCIBLE – Controlled and low level of residual FREE IONS, significantly improving the reliability of the experimental results and the reproducibility of their respective application.

More information in Documentation section below and at www.phornano.com/4nsilver

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