Carbon Nanotubes on Au(111)

ALI-1000 Deposition System

Carbon nanotubes suspended in water were injected onto a Au(111) substrate using the ALI deposition system.
The SEM and AFM images on the right show a zoom sequence into a microdroplet on the substrate. At x2500 magnification we begin to make out the mesh of nanotubes. The AFM images provide higher resolution.

The sample was also characterized by XPS. The spectrum below shows O1s and C1s core-levels before (black) and after (red) deposition. The O1s core-level allows monitoring the presence of the solvent (H2O) on the sample, whereas the C1s intensity is related to the amount carbon nanotubes.

Both signals increase after deposition, indicating that both the carbon nanotubes and the solvent, water, reach and adsorb on the sample.

Annealing to 285ºC over a period of 30 min (blue) causes the O1s signal to decrease, while the C1s signal intensity remains practically unchanged. We may conclude that heating the sample desorbs the water molecules from the Au(111) surface, without affecting the (much larger) nanotubes.




Carbon Nanotubes

Dispersion Medium


Injection Conditions

p=1000mbar, 50 x [topen=5ms; tclose=120s]